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Captain America is one of the most widely recognizable superheroes in the world and has appeared in publications dating back over seventy years. Originally debuting in Captain America Comics #1 published by Timely Comics, Captain America has gone on...

Captain America Games:

Iron man and captain america

Take a good care of the mission with Iron Man, he is flying in the sky and need some direction, take all the objects you see in the screen!.

Hulk and captain america

The friend of Captain America, Hulk! fight like a gladiator and destroy your whole enemies!

The avengers fighting together

Fight with all the Avengers team, to take out the Stark Tower, choose your favorite hero, and defend each other!

Captain america and dragon

Fight the dragon with captain america!

The nightmare of captain america

You have to make an effort with Captain America, and survive to this nightmare!


Captain America videogame trailer

Watch this incredible videogame trailer of Captain America!

Captain America movie data

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) on IMDb

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